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Hugh Laurie - BFMTV Interview - April 30, 2013

French interview with Hugh Laurie.

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Hugh Laurie - Wild Honey (From the album "Didn't it Rain")

Song from Hugh Laurie's 2nd album "Didn't It Rain", release date: 3rd May 2013.

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ITV Perspectives - Hugh Laurie - Promo Bits

"My view of life was completely shaped by the sounds & stories of popular music"

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Hugh Laurie - Mr. Pip - Trailer

Mr Watts is the only white man left on the island after the blockade. He opens the school and introduces the children the 'Great Expectations.' Matilda, the teenage narrator finds comfort in the story of a Victorian orphan when her own world is falling apart. The Redskins, an army sent to destroy the local rebels are getting closer. Matilda writes 'Pip' in the sand. This simple act leads to terrible consequences when the Redskins suspect Pip to be a rebel leader and demand he be brought before them. Cast: Hugh Laurie as Mr. Watts; Kerry Fox as Mrs. Watts; Eka Darville as Pip; Florence Korokoro as Grace Watts; Xzannjah as Matilda; Healesville Joel as Delores

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