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Lisa Edelstein - House M.D. Scoop caught up with House M.D.'s Lisa Edelstein at the13th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards. Lisa gives us the scoop on whether Candice Bergen will return to House M.D., her Food tips & more.

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Dr. House - 2x15 Böses Spiel - ORF Vorschau

Dr. House - 2x15 Böses Spiel (Clueless) - Ben, ein junger Mann, wird mit Atem- und Sprachstörungen ins Spital eingeliefert. House glaubt, dass Bobs Ehefrau ihn auf subtile Weise zu vergiften versucht. Die anderen Ärzte tun House' Verdacht als Humbug ab, da diesem die Beweise für seine Theorie fehlen. Mit Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House), Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase), Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron), Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. James Wilson), Omar Epps (Dr. Eric Foreman), Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy) u.a. Regie: Deran Sarafian, Jahr: 2005

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House M.D. - Jesse Spencer out of House

Brazilian segment on Jesse Spencer and his role on House. Thanks to @who_house for the translation! Credit: Eduardo Boorhem

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House M.D. - 8x19 The C-Word - EPK Hugh Laurie

• We looked at the schedule and thought this was a good time for me to direct… • This episode has sort of two parallel short stories… • Things come at you quickly when you're in the director's chair… • Directing is thrilling but a big responsibility… • As an actor you're used to being lead, which is very different from directing… • This episode has a big storyline for Wilson… • Me being the director might feel a bit weird for the cast so I tread lightly around them… • Everyone's being very generous and accommodating… • The cast is incredibly skillful at interpreting my direction… • The guest cast has been remarkable… • I have only recently began to reflect our time on House… • I will miss the thrill of telling these stories… • When you get to the end of something this big you begin to realize the impact of what you've done… • I've been directed by an actor, Kenneth Branagh, once and it turned out great…

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