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The Sounds of Hugh Laurie: A Culture Show Special

Hugh Laurie speaks to Alan Yentob about the role music has played in his life and career in a Culture Show special.

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Hugh Laurie - GQ France - Les Hommes De L'Année 2011 - Star Internationale

Hugh Laurie is the winner of the "GQ France Les Hommes De L'Année 2011: Star Internationale" category. Translation of his acceptence speech by @SabrinaSitthy. • Ladies & Gentlemen thank you very much. I apologize I don’t speak French very well, so I have to read that speech translated by my assistant Mathilda. She is really charming and very talented. She is beautiful and overqualified to work for a “donkey’s ass” like me. Yes, you heard right I’m a “donkey’s ass” who thinks that his immoderate luck gives him the power to treat people/the others like dust and trash and paid them for what it’s worth, a donkey’s ass who doesn’t deserve that award except if a “ Golden Donkey’s Ass “ exists. I’m telling you, Mathilda is the one who has always given me all my best ideas She is currently looking for a job in press, maybe even in Paris, and she thanks you in advance that you give her the opportunity to express herself. So if you have anything for her do not hesitate. ( what is that saying ? Is that a french word ) Hi-Han Hi-Han Hi-Han. ( you sure about that ? )

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Hugh Laurie doesn't believe in Easter Bunny

Hugh Laurie doesn't believe in Easter Bunny.

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House M.D. - 7x18 The Dig - Interview with Hugh & Olivia

Thirteen Returns. There's nothing that either of them can do to make the other one abandon them. Interview with Hugh Laurie & Olivia Wilde

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