House M.D. - Season 8 Premiere EPK - Hugh Laurie

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• At the end of season 7 … • It’s actually like an English public school, but very small… • Although very intellectual, House is not in control of his emotions… • House has been in jail for 6 months; he survives by his wits… • House gets knocked around a bit, he can’t stay out of trouble… • House feels guilt; he doesn’t react to it like most people do… • Adams and House have a strange alliance in solving the puzzle… • House sees in Adams a hunger for more and exploits it… • Odette is delightful, I already have a nickname for her… • Odette said she’ll give me a nickname, but that’s not allowed… • It’s sad not to have Lisa anymore, but we wish her well… • I’m releasing a record, a New Orleans Blues called Let Them Talk… • Making a record is something I’ve always wanted to do…
Added on Sep 30, 2011 by MsHousefan
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